Her Confessions

Kuliglig sa aking dibdib

       Every person has a story to tell, a story to share.

 And this is mine

I have many insecurities, anxieties, fears and doubts, like a usual person. Yet, I am loved and saved by His death. I started to inhale His grace and my eyes are wide open on the great  things that He had done while He was pierced on the cross.

 Yes, my life was so bleak before. I was in chained and imprisoned by fears as a little kid. I kept on hiding. Books became my best buddies, pens and notebooks became my airbags.

But now, He keep on peeling those layers.    I am now living under His grace and in the process of growing. I want to share these thoughts in my head, my cries to the Lord and my  muffled feelings.  I hope you get insights, motivations,encouragements on this "kuliglig sa aking dibdib".

Yes, this is my confessions. I couldn't utter this into words but I can't hide it from myself.  Enjoy reading!

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